An eclectic collective of businesses built to enhance people's self-sufficiency, personal autonomy, resilience, learning, health, and individual financial well-being.

Empowering People To Thrive

Ooba Creative

A fusion of Training, Coaching, Mentoring & Consultancy to enhance your Business, Marketing, and Innovation capabilities.

Taking care of your money is paramount. We use entrepreneurial 'thinking' to help people improve their lives - often this is by helping people start and grow their business.

Ooba Interactive

Helping people leverage technology by sharing and educating people on technology, digital transformation, marketing tech, web applications and overall "digital assistance".

People lack technology capability and, as such, are held back in their journey to independence and freedom.

Active Healthy

Enhancing wellbeing, health, nutrition, stamina, strength, and resilience so people can take on the challenges of life with greater energy and success.

To be successful, health often impacts us and can be a genuine barrier to achieving our goals.

The Active Fund

(To Be Set Up)
Our business startup fund. Each month The Active Fund will assess micro-business applications via our contacts in the Housing Sector and will distribute a ££££ prize to the winning business to help them grow. This also funds ongoing business and marketing mentoring/coaching to applicants.

Welcome to the Active Organisation

We are a team of extremely experienced marketing, business, coaching, and training professionals who have been involved in a diverse array of expertise, experiences and industries. These include:

 - Business & Business Startups
 - Marketing & Marketing Technologies
 - Environment & Green Sciences
 - Micro-Energy Generation
 - Wellbeing, Health, Nutrition, Weight-Loss & Fitness
 - Engineering
 - Software Development
 - Housing Sector

Our mission is to help people learn to be more resilient and self-sufficient in an ever-more chaotic and stressful world. Be that through starting a business, or improving their health, or learning how to be more creative and innovative to solve their financial challenges - The Active Organisation is passionate about helping individuals to achieve their independence, autonomy and freedom.

Mission, Vision, Values

What's the point?

Mission: To empower individuals to obtain health, wealth and the necessary skills so that they have resilience, autonomy, self-respect, self-determination, self sufficiency, and financial independence - to the extent that they can 'give back', inspire others, and be actively contributing to their community.

Vision: To be the go-to organisation when businesses, public sector and/or government are looking into ideas/solutions on how to improve/empower the lives of people cost effectively and innovatively.

Self Sufficiency: Before we can be independent and be able to help others, we need to be be able to get our own house in order and be self-sufficient.
True Independence: Before we can truly help others, we need to be able to look after ourselves at a level which gives us excess time, energy, resources and money. We strive to empower people to be truly independent. 
Community: Once we have true independence and have more than we need as an individual, we owe it to our community to give back, contribute and inspire others.
Collaboration: Working with businesses, organisations, charities and governments in mutually beneficial, win-win structures in order to bring wellbing, health, wealth and joy to as many people as possoible in a way which empowers them rather then entrapping them.
Other Key Words/Thoughts: Honesty at all times, Science-based Policies, Avoid Ideologies, Empower & Teach, Be Entreprenerial, Socially Responsible Capitalism, Think Long Term, Community Through Empowered Individuals.

Contact Us

The Active Organisation Ltd
Grove House, Lutyens Close,
Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8AG

01256 578007